How can I book a photo session?

Please use the contact form, call or send me an email and let me know what you have in mind.

How long does it take after a shoot/session before I get to see the images?

I aim for within 7 days in most cases, although during unusually busy times it may be slightly longer. Faster turnaround can be arranged on request.

I’m purchasing digital images, and will view them on my computer. Is there any reason to still print?

Yes, digital formats change and become outdated, and storage media can fail, be corrupted or get lost. The best way to ensure precious images remain safe for years to come is still to print them. For that reason when you purchase digital images that have personal value to you, please consider either ordering prints as well, or making high quality prints yourself at the earliest opportunity.

Why are print resolution digital images more expensive than most of the prints?

The reason for that is that once you have the high resolution digital file, you can make as many prints from it, at any size, as you like, which means a potential lost income from printing for me. The price factors that in. If you intend to make several prints from a file, for friends, family or loved ones, and have a good printer, then digital files may be the best value. If you’d like me to make several sets of prints for you, volume discounts are also available.

Can I have the camera raw files (and process them myself/pay less for them/etc)?

No, that’s generally not something any professional photographer will supply, outside of commercial projects. Digital images for print are supplied as high quality print ready jpeg files. If there are changes or retouches you’d like making to an image, please discuss this first before ordering and I will make the adjustments where possible.

Can I have the files without the watermark?

Purchased digital files are supplied without a visible watermark. For normal photo sessions or most types of event coverage the personal signature in the image is not a watermark but is part of the image, as is the signature of a painter, for instance, on their painting. For commercial projects, images can be made available without my signature.

I intend to print on a particular photo paper or printer, can you optimize the files for that?

Yes, get in touch if you have special requirements for your paper or printer.

Where can I find licensing info and usage terms for your images?

Licensing and usage terms here.

What are your prices?

See pricing info.