Creating the right impression from the shoulders up

Head Shots

When there’s a thumb swipe between you and the next option, it pays to make your head shot stand out.

Headshots are about you, your character and the image you want to project up close.

For business or social uses, having a great headshot is now an essential part of creating a good first impression online.

If you’re providing some service, people will generally want to know what the person they’re dealing with looks like. And that’s no less true if your networking or dating online, whether you want to portray that always appealing approachable confidence, or something a little more playful or candid.

Because most people use mobile devices to search for what they’re looking for now, your picture only has a small space (and time) to make a big impact. That’s why a great headshot portrait is more valuable than ever. If the result is important to you, make sure you have images that stand out from the rest, who thought using their mobile phone camera, or getting a friend to take a quick snap, would be ‘good enough’.

Please get in touch to discuss how I can help with your headshot requirements, including for corporate, fashion, cosmetic and other commercial work.

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