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Beautiful, whatever the style. Offering portrait photography for individuals and couples, family photo sessions, headshots, fashion, boudoir, art nude, pet portraits, wedding photography and events.

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So much more than simply a job

To achieve consistently excellent results in photography it must be more than just a job.

Photography is something I love, for its artistic and expressive potential, for its technical intricacies, and for the people I get to know and the smiles I help make through doing it.

I enjoy employing a range of styles and lighting techniques to create just the images my clients are looking for. Please browse my portfolios to see for yourself.

For portrait photography, whether spontaneous or posed, I find ways of drawing out that approachable confidence in the people I photograph, that works so well for profile pics and business head shots, as well as for more traditional individual, family or couple portraits.

While I get satisfaction from continually learning and growing in my craft, one of the most rewarding things for me as a photographer is that delighted surprise I see in someone who is looking at an image I’ve just taken of them, and seeing something more beautiful or true than they thought was possible.


Adaptable style

We’ll discuss the kind of styles you like before your session, which will guide how I shoot. But you have the option of various alterations after the photographs have been taken too. Through expertly applied post processing, tones, colours and backgrounds can all be adjusted to suite your requirements and taste.

portrait photography processing options

So whether you prefer the original image (which often has a unique magic) or a re-imagined version, the choice is yours.

If you have existing digital images from another studio or photographer which you’d like professionally altering or retouching, that is also a service I can provide.


The kit

A great photographer can get a good image with just about any camera. And I’m confident in my skills as an artist. However, I also like to use the best available equipment I can get my hands on.

My studio may be modest in size, but in it you’ll find some types of kit you’re unlikely to see anywhere else, outside of a high-end commercial or fashion studio. This includes super high speed strobes, capable of freezing the quickest movements of athletes and dancers. So, for instance any of your or your family’s spontaneous laughter or play will be captured with crystal clarity.

portrait photography southampton